Want to hear some student reviews?

Here’s some feedback from students who have taken our Persian classes:

This video is from two of our students, Neda Riaziat and Jasmine Shokri, providing their feedback about Persian classes at UCSB.

Thank you to the following students for providing their feedback for our classes below: Alya Mehrtash (Class of 25′), Faroz Bahadini (Class of 23′), Laila Bahman (Class of 25′), Armon Mashayekh (Class 23′), Tara Mostafavi (Class 24′), Arian Bijanzadeh (Class 23′)

Six of our students introduced themselves and answered how they had learned about our Persian Classes.

Students answered the following questions:

  • Which Persian classes have you taken?
  • How does the professor accommodate her students and make sure they succeed?

Students answered the following questions:

  • How have the Persian classes helped you connect to your culture?
  • Would you recommend Persian courses to others?