Persian Language Courses

Persian Language and Literature at UCSB offer two sets of Persian language courses.

  1. Regular Persian language courses (RGST57 & 157): Three years Persian language classes for those students with no background in Persian language- starting from scratch.
  2. Intensive Persian language courses (RGST58 & 158): Two years intensive Persian language classes for those students with some background in Persian language (e.g. heritage students). These courses are designed for students who can understand and speak the language to some extent but they cannot read or write.


1. Regular Persian language courses:

First year:

  • Persian I (RGST 57A, 5 units)
  • Persian II (RGST 57B, 5 units)
  • Persian III (RGST 57C, 5 units)

Second Year:

  • Persian IV (RGST 57D, 5 units)
  • Persian V (RGST 57E, 5 units)
  • Persian VI (RGST 57 F, 5 units)

Third Year:

  • Advanced Persian I (RGST 157 A, 4 units)
  • Advanced Persian II (RGST 157 B, 4 units)
  • Advanced Persian III (RGST 157 C, 4 units)


2. Intensive Persian language courses:

First Year:

  • Intensive Persian I (RGST 58A, 5 units)
  • Intensive Persian II (RGST 58B, 5 units)
  • Intensive Persian III (RGST 58C, 5 units)

Second Year:

  • Intensive Persian IV (RGST 58D, 5 units)
  • Intensive Persian V (RGST 157E, 4 units)
  • Intensive Persian VI (RGST 157 F , 4 units)


Persian Literature Courses:

  • Contemporary Persian literature (RGST 157CP)
  • Classic Persian Literature (RGST 157PP)

Upcoming courses:

  • Persian Cinema (RGST 157G)
  • Persian Media (RGST 157I)

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