Poetry Project with Farrokh Nazerian  


Mr. Farrokh Nazerian

        Persian language and literature at UCSB has close cooperation with Mr. Farrokh Nazerian, a contemporary poet residing in Santa Barbara. Mr. Nazerian started writing Persian poetry and short stories in the 1950s through several Iranian Journals.

        Dr. Aazam Feiz, the Persian Language professor at UCSB, has worked closely with Mr. Nazerian and UCSB students in the Persian literature classes to translate and honor his poetry. The goal of this project is to familiarize students with a contemporary Persian poet and involve them in translating and publicizing the poetry in order to further understand the unique beauties of Persian literature.

        Mr. Nazerian has been invited multiple times for poetry nights at UCSB, sharing his beautiful poems with UCSB students. Below you will find the links to some of Mr. Nazerian’s poetry.